The Clubhouse at Botánika Osa Peninsula

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The Clubhouse at Botánika Osa Peninsula

Botánika will blend into its environment with intelligent architectural designs that seamlessly blur the lines between outdoors and in. Through modern interpretations of local design vernacular, wide verandas and expansive glass walls, a unique haven will emerge that encourages guests to express their free spirit. On the surface, guests will be enveloped in blissful comfort. Beneath the surface, Botánika’s staff will be obsessive about details and individual needs.

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The Clubhouse at Botanika Osa Peninsula

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Local Foods Global Flavors

The Restaurant

Local Foods – Global Flavors

Food is Life – and nowhere is it more fulfilling than the fusion dining experiences at Botánika. Menus are inspired by the culture of cooking, the health of our environment — and self — and a commitment to exceptional dining.

Of course we only source the best local produce,  but we think the real recipe for creating incredible culinary experiences is making sure our 3-meal restaurant is a study in supporting community farms while showcasing imaginative flavors. Alfresco dining, a ceviche bar with the daily catch, and craft cocktails. Never before has conscience cooking and creative cuisine tasted so good.


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Event and Banquet Facilities

Spa and Wellness Center

Technology Lounge

Orchid and Bamboo Gardens

Courtyard Garden

Restaurants and dining venues

State-of-the-art fitness Center

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The Clubhouse at Botánika - Rustic Elegance, Tropical Exuberance

Elegantly poised in Costa Rica’s rainforest, we offer owners a landscape that is raw and redefines rustic elegance. Surround yourself with the true meaning of life. A harmonious blend of creature comforts within an environment defined by its gentle and warm hospitality which is the trademark of the Costa Rican people.

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"The most biologically intense place on Earth" -National Geographic

The Clubhouse -Floor Plan

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