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Does This Sound Like You?

The ones who like to step out of the day-to-day and make their own discoveries. And who’ll also appreciate it when they spot our name, quietly reassuring them that this particular place is one that will reward their explorations.


who wants what they could never find at home. Those who want to learn and want new experiences. Those who want to leave behind, if only for a precious while, a life lived between walls, a life of small horizons, of countless distractions that demand attention and deaden the senses.
Those who want to hide under a tree to escape the afternoon heat. Feel the tropical rain pelt your skin, taste the exotic, the unfamiliar. Those who want to drink in the wisdom of the locals and move to their rhythm and, in the process, you want to become a better version of yourself.

Costa Rica Quick Facts

Largest population of scarlet macaws north of the Equator

Four different species of endangered sea turtles

Four Species of Monkeys

10,000+ species of plant life

219 species of reptliles

150 species of amphibians

850 varieties of birds

2,000 species of butterflies

National Parks and protected areas account for 25% of Costa Rica’s land mass

Owner Priveleges

Where We're Located

Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

The Spirit of the Osa Peninsula
Costa Rica Osa PeninsulaCosta Rica’s Osa Peninsula, the seductress, wild and remote, where majestic trees dominate the land, secretive jaguars roam freely, and spectacular flocks of scarlet macaws survey their kingdom against a pale blue sky.In this enchanted land, the never ending mental pollution that dominates our lives is quickly replaced by the sounds of a thousand birds and monkeys determined to be heard. A primeval paradise of deserted beaches and wondrous jungles, punctuated here and there by small, backwater settlements. It is Costa Rica as its most pure and quintessential.

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