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Releasing a Limited Number of Private Boat Slips at Crocodile Bay International Marina

Learn how you can have both your boat and your vacation home at the Most Exclusive Professionally Managed Residential Resort in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Marina Slip
Current Crocodile Bay Dock

Our new marina will have 150 slips ranging in size from 35ft to 250ft. 
The village overlooking the marina will house a yacht club, market deli, ships chandlery and a two story Tiki bar. Marina services will include a private lounge, guest laundry, self-storage facilities, meeting rooms and a boat launching area. An ice cream parlor and bakery will add to the charm of this seaside village.

It is the perfect place for owners and visitors to take in the sounds and sights that only a marina within a seaside village and resort amenities can afford.  

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The marina will also feature a host of services and amenities including:

  • A commercial village with a two story Tiki bar
  • Souvenir stores and stands, café, snacks, treats and more
  • Fueling and boat launch services
  • Full service bathroom & shower facilities
  • Laundry services
  • Concierge services

With only 50 marina slips being available for sale in a country with just four marinas, the scarcity factor of this offering will be unparalleled.

By participating as a reservation holder in this program, you will have the opportunity to be prioritized for slip selection in a program that bears absolutely no risk or obligation. 
I look forward to updating you with this exciting new chapter of Botánika Osa Peninsula.


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