Botánika is Completely Redefining Value Engineering

We are proud to share with you that at Botánika we have completely redefined value engineering. The list of enhancements that we have made to the actual suites, and to the project itself, is quite extensive.


  • We promised 45″ Tv’s, but delivered 55″ instead.
  • We installed a fire prevention sprinkler system, even though there was no requirement to do so. This will allow for corporate conference business that will keep Botánika rooms occupied throughout the year.
  • And because home today is also both an office, and a classroom, we included the highest quality outlets featuring both USB type A and C for ultra-fast charging of all your electronic devices, throughout the entire residence.
  • We have also installed high-speed fiber optic internet…and are delivering 200MB in all rooms and public areas.



  • We promised elevators to the fourth floor, but elevators will now deliver you directly to your rooftop lounging area. The perfect place to witness wildlife during the day and star gazing at night.
  • The lounging area now features ice machines, a bar, and even bathrooms to your roof top garden getaway.

Bars and Restaurants:


  • We have added a total of 7 additional new bars to the resort!
  • For you wine connoisseurs, you now have a wine bar too.
  • The new redefined value engineering plans now call for a 3-story bar & restaurant by the pool! Cheers!

Conference Center:

  • A brand-new 100 person conference center for weddings and events.

Redesigned Pool:

  • We did promise a big pool, but we are delivering a huge pool! With two Jacuzzis instead of one! And with private cabanas and day beds for those lazy afternoons.

A Special Private Owners Club:

  • We are providing Botánika owners with a private club equipped with a billiard table, ping pong table, private swimming pool, confectionary, and so much more!

Crocodile Bay Marina village:

  • Existing buildings at Crocodile Bay Resort will be refurbished, renovated, and repurposed to house a very special commercial village, which will be anchored by a Yacht Club & the Botánika owners private lounge. This new village will feature a host of services including the Adventure Center for all tours and fishing.


  • We will have retail stores and gift shops, a spa and beauty salon to take care of your hair and nails, an electric bike rental facility, and a small grocery store for provisioning boaters and Botánika guests alike.
  • A Botánika Science Center hosting visiting scientists from major universities, a kids club, “Insectopia Insect Museum” curated by the Costa Rican National Museum will also make part of this exciting new village.

Botánika’s Private Beach Club: 

  • When it comes to enhancements, let’s not forget Botánika’s new private beach club; this is one of the most important enhancements to the Botánika list of amenities. We are now officially a beach destination as well.

Botánika’s Gym:

  • For those who want to keep fit and looking their best, we are building a brand new 4400 square foot state of the art fitness center
  • You can expect cardio machines with personal viewing screens, free weights and dumbbells up to 100 lbs, a full squat rack, bench press, free weights, high intensity interval training equipment, TRX suspension training, sandbags, and so much more.

A world anxious to find a safe haven, away from a hectic and stressful climate back home, have discovered that the scope and caliber of Botánika far exceeds the norm when it comes to a vacation get away.  What better place is there than Botánika to decompress and conduct your business from.

Construction of our first phase is right on schedule, and the second phase of Botánika is also well under way; and incredibly, it sold out almost immediately upon its release.  But the big news today is that construction has already started for our third and final phase, and this is several years ahead of schedule. 

Video above: Timelapse of the Botánika Clubhouse.

Be one of the privileged few to own a Curio Collection by Hilton Rainforest Residence!

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