Frequently Asked Questions About Botánika

1. Why buy a branded condominium hotel residence?

Today’s buyers of hotel-branded residential resort properties look for destinations that afford them hassle-free, ease of use, personalized service, top-quality amenities, and most importantly, traditional safety and security. When you purchase a condominium hotel residence branded by the most successful and iconic hotelier in the world, you are assured a higher level of finishes, furnishings, and amenities that a global brand such as Hilton traditionally offer.

Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton offers owners the easiest and safest way to own real estate in Costa Rica by providing hassle free home ownership and the added peace of mind that comes with the Hilton name and award-winning Hilton Honors™ program with over 110 million members worldwide.

2. How much does a Rainforest Residence at Botánika cost, and what is the current availability?

Rainforest Residences at Botánika range in price from $259,000 for a studio to the mid $700,000’s for a large 3-bedroom lock-off residence. As for availability, even though we are almost sold out in the first phase of our development, we still have a few choice residences left, and the second phase will be launching soon.

3. What are the advantages of participating in the reservation program for the second phase at Botánika?

With a low refundable reservation fee, phase 2 reservation holders will benefit from attractive ‘early-bird’ launch prices and a priority choice for phase 2 units. We will also offer reservation holders a special “Come & See” inspection offer.

4. When can I expect delivery of my Rainforest Residence at Botánika?

Botánika will open in the fall of 2021. With much of the infrastructure work already completed, owners of phase 1 residences will be able to watch the roof go on their new homes in the next few months. In addition, this December a model suite will be available for all interested parties to view.

5. How much are the ongoing and HOA fees at Botánika?

The HOA fees are related to the size of the residence you select and the level of services and amenities that owners and guests have a privilege to enjoy. Keeping in mind that it is the level of services and amenities that drive guests to visit and occupy your unit (should you decide to participate in the optional rental program).

Click here to find out more about our HOA fees.

2 and 3-bedroom residences floor plans with lock-off units. Please click on the images to view in a larger size.

6. What is a lock-off residence, and why is this the smartest way to own a 2 or 3-bedroom home?

The 2-bedroom lock-off is simply a fully equipped 1-bedroom home that has an adjacent studio bedroom with an adjoining door.

The advantage with this configuration is that the hotel operator can rent it out in three different ways:

  • As a standalone hotel studio with a kitchenette.
  • As a 1-bedroom suite with a full kitchen, dining area, balcony and private bedroom.
  • As a 2-bedroom residence that sleeps eight comfortably.

Likewise, the 3-bedroom lock-off is a 2-bedroom residence adjacent to a studio with a connecting door. These large homes can be rented out as a standalone studio, a 2-bedroom fully equipped suite, or a large 3-bedroom home that sleeps up to 10 people.

Owners of 2-bedroom & 3-bedroom lock-offs can also choose to stay in the studio portion when they visit, thus leaving the larger section of the accommodations for the operator to manage. Alternatively, the owners can occupy the more extensive suite so that the operator can rent out only the studio portion, so even when the owners are on site enjoying their residences in paradise, they are still also generating income. The link to the following video does an excellent job of better explaining the versatility of the lock-off residences.

Click here to find out what a lock-off residence is.

7. Where exactly in Costa Rica is Botánika located?

It is our location on the Osa Peninsula and within the Golfo Dulce that distinguishes us from all the other resorts on the planet. Botánika is a waterfront resort community located in the heart of Costa Rica’s most pristine rainforest. .

Owners of condominium residences at Botánika will live with the rainforest of Corcovado National Park in their backyard and the warm tropical waters of the Golfo Dulce in their front yard. Botanika is set in a stunning location where the rainforest meets the ocean.

Botánika thrives in the friendly hamlet of Puerto Jimenez. A welcoming village where you can live comfortably in a tight-knit community of artists, fisherman and families. A short bicycle ride offers easy access to grocery stores, banks, restaurants, a government operated medical clinic, and dozens of family owned shops, restaurants and café’s. Puerto Jimenez is a safe, small town where living is easy. It is here that you can slow down to the speed of life and live a more ‘Pura Vida’ experience.

To learn more about the region, please follow the video link below:

Click here to learn more about our location on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

To fully understand the exact location of this soon to be landmark resort destination, I invite you to take a bicycle tour of our little village, Puerto Jimenez by following the link below:

Click here to learn more about Our Little Village.

8. Is buying a Rainforest Residence at Botánika like buying a timeshare? 

No. Botánika Rainforest Residences are free and clear, wholly owned condominium hotel residences with absolutely no timeshare element associated with it. This is pure leisure real estate that owners purchase and can use as often as they would like. Owners can choose to live in their residences full time or just a few weeks per year. Botánika’s full service management program takes care of all aspects of home ownership and makes owning a home easy and worry free.

Botánika also offers owners the option of participating in a voluntary professionally managed rental program where their Curio Collection by Hilton hotel residence can be managed and included as part of Botanika resort and Hilton’s network of over 6,000 hotels and 110 million Honors loyalty members worldwide. Botánika is a real estate offering of luxury branded homes and the structure is not much different than the home or condominium that you live in now.

9. Is Botánika a beach destination and can I surf near-by?

Botánika now offers its own private beach club at Playa Preciosa. The beach club is on Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast at the mouth of the Golfo Dulce, just minutes from the resort.

This private and secluded crescent shaped beach stretches over several kilometers and features warm, light sand, palm trees and gentle currents.

Botánika’s private beach club will offer shaded day beds, elegant bathroom facilities, owner’s storage, showers both inside and outside, and an outdoor bar and grill.

Owners of Curio Collection by Hilton hotel residences at Botánika will enjoy tranquility and raw natural beauty at Botánika’s new private beach club at Playa Preciosa. As for surfing, this is an excellent break for beginners and intermediate surfers to catch some waves in a safe and uncrowded location..

But for those looking for a more advanced surfing experience, the surf breaks in Cabo Matapalo, offer many more options and are just a short drive towards the South of the Osa Peninsula.

In Matapalo there are several surf breaks offering different types of rides, but the most popular are, Pan Dulce, Backwash, and Playa Matapalo (Matapalo being the most advanced for the pros, Backwash is an intermediate break, and Pan Dulce is a great point-break for beginners or lovers of the longboard).

Also Playa Pavones is just a short boat ride across the Gulf, which offers one of the second longest left breaking waves in the world!

Find more info on surf areas here.

10. What can I expect when it comes to lifestyle, and culture?

Expats living in Costa Rica are ranked amongst the happiest expats in the world, and there is a reason for that. Costa Ricans are a welcoming culture with a “pura vida” (pure life) philosophy that you can experience every single day! They are an educated population that have no standing army and have one of the best health systems in the world. There are also many regions in Costa Rica where residents live and work well into their 90’s and 100’s.

As for lifestyle, there is never a dull moment! Homeowners will enjoy a wide selection of leisure and sporting activities, together with a full range of amenities and services that today’s international travelers expect from a world-class resort.

  • Large natural lagoon style pool.
  • State of the art fitness center with numerous cardio machines and free weights.
  • 24/7 concierge and golf cart service.
  • Three meal restaurant and bar serving local produce, gourmet coffee drinks and locally grown fresh fruit juice bar
  • Business Centre & Technology Lounge with high speed fiber optic Wi-Fi, laptop workstations and hotel computers for complimentary use by guests.
  • Luxury Spa offering over 30 various rainforest treatments including coffee scrubs, chocolate wraps and hot stone massages.
  • 1,550 sq ft conference center with 80-person seating capacity.
  • Large event lawn for outdoor activities and weddings.
  • Access to Crocodile Bay Marina and world class year-round sport fishing

The resort offers many activities that include hiking or walking on Botánika’s own extensive nature trail system, guided hiking in the rainforests around the Peninsula, whale and dolphin watching, horseback riding, mountain biking, zipline through the rainforest canopy, waterfall repelling, sport fishing, sailing, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, tours to an animal sanctuary, and much more.

For a comprehensive education on this unique offering we suggest you read the latest press release as distributed to readers of Yahoo Finance: 


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