The Magic of Simplicity – The Beaches of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica – Episode II in our Lifestyle series hosted by Michi. 

The Osa Peninsula offers breathtaking, and stunning scenery, secluded beaches, and abundant wildlife encompassing lush primary rainforest and a complex system of freshwater and marine resources.

The Osa Peninsula is one of the most beautiful and vibrant regions of Costa Rica. It is a good representation of the country’s small towns, incredible lush nature and beautiful beaches.

Playa Blanca – Within the Golfo Dulce this beach is renowned to be the “main” beach of La Palma, which is the second largest town on the Osa Peninsula after Puerto Jimenez. 

Playa Platanares – If you are into bird watching or kayaking, Playa Platanares is but 5km from Puerto Jiménez. Did we mention that the swimming conditions here are excellent?

Playa Puerto Jimenez – Come mingle with the locals at this popular beach bar serving everything from margaritas to fish tacos. An absolutely perfect spot for children as the calm shallow waters are safe and fun.

Puntarenitas – Directly across from Crocodile Bay pier you will find a beautiful beach featuring soft volcanic sand. Great for paddle boarding, fishing, or to simply enjoy the peace and tranquility that this, the closest secluded beach to Crocodile Bay Resort, represents. Come and take a secluded walk for miles without ever seeing a single sole.  

Playa Preciosa – Literally translates to precious beach, which is a very fitting name for this magical beach which is but a 10 minute drive from Puerto Jimenez. For those who like long walks with breathtaking scenery, or boogie boarding,  you have come to the right place!

Playa Tamales – Here you will find a popular local hang-out, which is on route towards Mataplao,  and is just 20 minutes from Puerto Jimenez. If you are into secluded walks, this Golfo Dulce facing beach is the right place for you.

Playa Matapalo – Visit the southern tip of the Osa Peninsula to experience some of the best surfing in the region. Cabo Matapalo is also great for horseback riding and sport fishing. 

Cabo Matapalo – Where the rainforest literally meets the ocean is where you will find the first beach, which is just around the point, and that faces directly onto the Pacific Ocean. Even though this area is not recommended for swimming, it does have incredible rock pools to explore and to enjoy. 

Playa Carate – This wild beach is one of the main turtle nesting regions on the Osa Peninsula and is an incredible example of the low lying rainforest touching the Pacific Ocean. From this beach you can see up the coastline all the way to Corcovado National Park. 

Playa Madrigal – This landmark is located within the Corcovado National Park, and accessible via the region of Carate. It is important to note that park visitors must be accompanied by a local tour guide in order to enter.

Playa Llorona – This beach is located within the Corcovado National Park, in the area known as La Sirena. It represents the wildness and seclusion of the area.

We hope that the above serves as an introduction to just a few of the beaches that stretch from our town of Puerto Jimenez into Corcovado National Park.

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