Real estate is always about location; and Botanika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton, will join part of Hilton’s prestigious Curio Collection, which is reserved for handpicked, remarkable one-of-a-kind destinations. At Botánika, homeowners and guests of our Curio Collection branded Rainforest Residences will have access to a host of amenities and services that today’s globetrotting travelers expect from a world-class destination. 

Today we are ready for the next step in our exciting evolution! Throughout the past few years, we have maintained special pricing, and we have committed to providing special pre-construction incentives to all our Founders Club Members, all of whom have purchased a luxury Rainforest Residence at Botánika, off-plan, and most important before construction has begun. 

Botánika Lobby Front

In just two weeks, we will host our first annual “Botanika Owners Meet & Greet and Fishing Tournament” event. This will give our current homeowners of Rainforest Residences the opportunity to meet one another and enjoy three days of world-class fishing. At this event we will also be sharing important updates about the masterplan and the construction timeline; but most importantly, this event will also mark the end of significant pre-construction incentives and special pricing to those purchasing in our first phase…

With a few choice homes still available in our first phase, there is still time for you to benefit from current pricing, and to receive the  Hilton approved turnkey furniture package at no additional cost, which represents a $64,000 savings on the two-bedroom lock-off residence in addition to owner incentives including lifelong discounts on fishing, meals, eco-tours, and so much more. 

It is a pleasure for me to keep you updated as we evolve into Botanika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton; a world-class vacation destination branded by the most iconic and successful hospitality company in the world.

Garden Villa

Important Update:

From the time this video was produced, one of our current homeowners has decided to upgrade from a studio to a two-bedroom residence. Anyone prepared to commit to the only remaining studio at Botánika prior to December 17, 2019, will pay just $235,000 for this fully furnished, luxury branded Rainforest Residence, at Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton.

Simply reply to this email with instructions for a call.

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