Where we live is a matter of medical and therapeutic interest; in fact, geospatial medicine studies show how location affects our health and ­well-being. It is said that in addition to having a genetic DNA, people also have an environmental DNA. Typically though, people don’t take into account how important a place in which they live, impacts their health until it’s too late.

Blue Zones are regions of the world where people live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Typically these are enclaves that tend to have abundant sunshine, green spaces, an emphasis on fitness and access to whole foods. As a matter of interest, professionals in the health care industry believe that where a person lives determines their level of happiness more than any other factor.

Costa Rica’s land mass makes up but a small dot on a world map, and the Osa Peninsula is hardly visible. It is indeed a phenomenon that on this small footprint you will find “the most biologically intense place on Earth”  In fact…there are 500,000 different species of wildlife…right here…and that translates into 3% of the world’s biodiversity, with more than 750 species of birds which is more than in all of the USA and Canada combined! It is also here that whales from both hemispheres come to teach their calves to swim, and where super pods of dolphins numbering more than 10,000 strong come to congregate.\

With almost no pollution and lots of clean water and fresh air, Costa Rica is one of the only countries in the world to actually reverse deforestation by planting more trees than it harvests. Although scientist tend to separate environment and individual behaviors, research suggests the two are linked. Sociologists from the ‘Happy Planet Index’ have written that Costa Ricans report “the highest satisfaction of life” among all of the countries listed on the index.

This region has been identified as one of only five Blue Zone longevity hotspots. It is here that you will find the longest living people in the world. I guess that all this natural beauty and happiness must be good for you. It is really not surprising that so many people are eager to move here and to experience the magic in the Pura Vida approach to life. A laid-back, easy-going, warm, friendly attitude that permeates everyday interactions. 

In order to achieve a good healthy lifestyle, we have to take into consideration where we live, work and play. Indeed, geography may soon be routinely included in electronic medical records. Your health really can be improved based on where you live!

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